Management and Monitoring User Interface of the     EUREF NTRIP Broadcaster operated by the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

Welcome to the ROB NTRIP Broadcaster

This NTRIP broadcaster ( operated by the GNSS team of the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) provides acces to real-time GNSS streams from stations belonging to the EUREF Permanent Network (EPN), see (stream map).

ROB, as well as each organisation, providing data through ROBs broadcaster does this on a voluntarily basis through its own funding according to its missions. Many of these contributors are public or government institutions or other research organizations. Data is made available primarily for demonstration and evaluation purposes. ROB aims to provide an uninterrupted service. In spite of all efforts downtimes cannot be totally avoided. It is important to understand that streams may be interrupted or become unavailable at any time without prior notice.

To share the EUREF stream dissemination workload, other EUREF NTRIP casters are operated at ASI (Italy) and BKG (Germany). Hence depending on your geographical location, you should choose the caster that is nearest to you.

Registration: To apply for free real-time access to GNSS data streams from the ROB broadcaster, it is necessary to register a user account.
  • The ROB broadcaster supports the NTRIP v2.0 protocol. See for more information on NTRIP.
  • The broadcaster is configured to serve NTRIP on port 2101 (over http) and port 2102 (over https). Note that it is strongly recommended to connect to the NTRIP broadcaster over https (using SSL) as otherwise your password will be sent over the network in plain text (i.e. readable for anyone). Consult the manual of your client to find out how to configure your client to use SSL.
The SSL certificate for the ROB broadcaster can be found here.
Station's coordinate notice: Please note that the reference coordinates in the streams are often incorrect. This is out of our control as the streams are managed on a voluntary basis by other agencies. The following page on the web site of the EPN Central Bureau gives you and idea of the validity of the reference coordinates inserted in the streams. After selecting a station, DIFF(STR-REF) indicates how much the coordinates in the stream differ from the correct ETRS89 coordinates of the station.

Streams Available from the ROB Broadcaster

Dynamic Sourcetable
The dynamic sourcetable lists all streams that currently (i.e. instantaneously) available on the broadcaster.
Static Sourcetable
The static sourcetable lists all streams that are configured on the broadcaster and potentially available.

External Broadcasters Relayed by ROB Broadcaster

External Broadcaster
The broadcaster operated by ROB provides streams coming from EUREF Permanent Network (EPN) stations or that are relayed from 53 external broadcasters.

Users and Applications

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